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StarWars RP RFRS: Anger in Pride Resurrection (ISA Division)

The loss of Senator Yemaja Lah causes Lord Starkiller’s rage to be unleashed while he returns to Korriban.

Soothing his rage and his guilt, he goes back to his Sith heritage and studies Sith Holocrons to gain a better understand of his grief.

Lord Starkiller will assail anyone who harmed the Senator Yemaja Lah in the past as he feels it is a righteous act and anger in pride!

One day, he overhears Imperial transmissions that the Rebels have defiled the planet Garqi.

Without orders, Lord Starkiller takes it upon himself to eliminate the threat and he uses his revenge for the loss of his wife.

Lord Starkiller realizing he loves Senator Yemaja

Star Wars RFRS: The Other Kaiburr Crystal on Rhelg - Asili Aikste

This is the backstory as a part of the Rising Force, Rebellious Seed of the Heretical Quatrains of the Great Doctrines of the Yuuzhan Vong:

Asili AiksteLong ago, the chief deity Yun Yuuzhan, accepted that his children or crechelings were going to destroy his planet, Yuuzhan’tar. So Yun Yuuzhan created a seed from Yuuzhan’tar to form a new homeworld for only the Faithful or “Seed Saviors”. That planet would later be known as Zonama Sekot.

Then Yun Yuuzhan asked the goddess Yun Ne’Shel to break his body into pieces. Some pieces were scattered across the Universe, and some pieces were given to the Supreme Overlord and a selected few of the Domains. The body of Yun Yuuzhan would make intercession for all Yuuzhan Vong during their “MAAFA” across Void Space.

There was another piece of Yun Yuuzhan’s body that manifested itself as a “living crystal”. It was imbued by the raw power of Creation and the Force. Not just Dark or Light Sided powers, but the Unifying Power of the Force. This “living crystal” was a gift to the Mimbamian god, Pomojema and it was to be delivered by the Yuuzhan Vong goddess of redemption, Yun Shuno.

But when she attempted to deliver it on her “Ganapati Comet”, the god Pomojema failed to appear. Fearful she had failed Yun Yuuzhan, Yun Shuno placed the “living crystal” named, Asili Asikste, on an icy planet called, Khar Delba.

For millennia the Asili Aikste remained hidden until Sith Lord Naga Sadow discovered its presence through the Force. It led him to have a deeper sense into the Force unlike that he had ever experienced by meditation alone. He erroneously thought it was the Kaiburr Crystal and he trained to unleash more of its power.

The Asili Aikste was only to respond to offspring of the Yuuzhan Vong and the principalities of the Galaxy through a genetic pact. The Asili Aikste had the power to withdraw its knowledge. It was “knew” who can unlock its mysteries at the molecular genetic level. When the Asili Aikste failed him, Sith Lord Naga Sadow cast it aside.

By that time, his longtime rival, Sith Lord Ludo Kressh had heard of the crystal and how it gave insights into great powers in the Force. He believed in its mysticism and he stole the Asili Aikste hiding it in one of his most holiest places on the planet Rhelg in Sith Space. Eventually, Sith Lord Ludo Kressh was destroyed by Sith Lord Naga Sadow, but the lackluster crystal lost his interest in either of of them. The Asili Aikste became forgotten and lost in time…

Thousands of years later, during the time of the Galactic Empire, a Dark Sided child was born who ruptured the very fabric of the Force. The Asili Aikste awakened and thought that the rupture was the entrance of the faithful “Seed Saviors” of Yun Yuuzhan and their offspring. It believed that they had finished their travails. The Asili Aikste crystal rejuvenated itself and emitted a call through the Force to its genetic inheritors. But after millennia and the Rule of Two, knowledge of the call from the ancient Sith Empire had been lost.

Only Force Users who had inherited or mutated their genes to hear the call of Asili Aikste could respond. Those Force Users were specific: those born of the Yuuzhan Vong, those that had Yuuzhan Vong Biots that were mutated and those persons who accepted the true power of the Kaiburr Crystal from Pomojema, the god of the Mimbanians.

And thus sentient beings enter a new age of Force Use in the Galaxy…

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#StarWars @Savage_Opress_ #RP “Force Energy Weapons” evaluation

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StarWars RP: “Force Energy Weapons” Synopsis

During the Galactic Civil War, rumors abound about Force Energy weapons, dark and light sided ones…Those blind to the Force did not understand these weapons, nor did they care. But then Grey Jedi Master Mischel Deese, with the support of the Force Potentium sent a Zettabyte file to the CPU of his former padawan the location of a Light Sided Weapon and its blueprints. They were locked away in the Vaults on planet Begeren. She needed to find a way to get into the vaults undetected. 

By the Force, an opportunity presented itself when Lord Starkiller, and his Brigadier General deposed the leader of the Huxlings Crime Family who made Begeren a haven for terrorists. The Jedi quickly programmed a droid to record the access codes into the vaults. 

Interestingly, Lord Starkiller who did not know of the weapon’s existence, needed access to the Vaults to gather the names of enemies to Lord Sidious and Lord Vader for the Prophets of the Dark Side. Once the Jedi obtained the access codes, the padawan easily slipped into the Vaults and stole the Light Sided Energy Weapon with Crystal Diamond parts and the blueprints. She got intercepted by Mandalorian Death Watch Bounty Hunters who were able to build the weapon, but unable to operated it. The Padawan knew that she was the only Jedi who could use it, but she needed help… For re-testing…

Sith Apprentice Savage Opress desperately searches for his brother, Darth Maul in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy. He had heard of several stories that Darth Maul’s ship, the Scimitar, which was lost en route to the Kuat Ship Yard from the Jedi. After the liberation of Begeren, something in the Force called to him to the moon, Kalakar Six in Sith Space. After he and Galen Marek, the Sith Xopisa Du <Clone 2> spent days on the moon, they see a doppelganger Darth Maul first battles them and then defeated by them.

The Doppleganger speaks to him about living ships thought to use the Force Potentium on a planet Zonama Sekot. Opress finds this information useless because he knows the ersatz is not his brother. Then a White Hole, opposite that of a Blackhole is opened and shows him the purpose of the living ships as battle ships to fight the Yuuzhan Vong who are extra-galactic beings. Perplexed, Savage says he has seen a Yuuzhan Vong and wonders why the Sith does not want to defeat them?

Confounded the Darth Maul ersatz telepaths the White Hole, then immediately, a group of rebels flash a Light Sided Energy Weapon on to him, forcing his thoughts to become that of the light side of the Force. He falls to the ground unconscious. Then the planet Zonama Sekot edged close to Sith Space. The beings who flashed him put him on his ship, set to auto-pilot and allow him to drift wherever it goes hoping he has a new lease in life…

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